Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Writing: My Quiet Joy

Few experiences in life equal or surpass the silent delight of composing a story, whether it's a features story or fiction.

I don't have to explain to my fellow authors the deep immersing of ourselves during the composition process, the losing awareness of time and our surroundings, and merging with the psyche of our characters even as we create and manipulate them.

But a similar phenomenon happens with features writing, too. At least it happens with me.

At work, as the list of my duties increase (and with it my stress and, it appears lately, my errors), once I begin a piece, the urgency of deadline drifts away, as does the chatter around me (and inside me). Instead, I get caught up in the "feel"of the story and the pleasure of structuring each section and selecting the right quotes to emphasize certain details or emotions.

I can't imagine life without writing, even if, one day, I write only for myself.

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