Monday, March 27, 2017

Website Woes

So after nine months of going back and forth with GoDaddy over the extremely poor mobile view of the BryonySeries website, we've been told to upgrade, which means rebuilding the website.

This explains why, when Rebekah tried upgrading last summer, the website disappeared, throwing her into a panic.

We're feeling a little discouraged.

In 2010, Sarah Stegall spent many months creating an entire realm of a website, to reflect the rich storytelling that unfolds in the BryonySeries. The thought of beginning anew is disheartening to all of us.

Another GoDaddy customer said it should be possible to download the files so we can rebuild with them. Rebekah said she could play with the new template someday when she has time.

I can hear the chorus of why we should turn to another company and do our own web hosting etc. People have told us we won't make any money this way and so forth.

But we chose this company for its 24/7 customer service. Except for this one point, we have been extremely happy. Plus, we aren't trying to make money on our site with ads, etc. We see the website as a portal into the world of my books. It's to present information and imagination, and we're trying to do so within the limit of our website-building capabilities (and those are pretty limited).

So we are in the process of trying to sort this out and soon as the situation is seriously curtailing marketing efforts since we want to feed everything back into the website.

Stay tuned.

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