Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Special Guest at WriteOn Joliet This Thursday

In January, I wrote a story previewing a revision workshop hosted by Harper Collins author Lori Rader-Day at the Plainfield Public Library. I had hoped to attend, but work duties intervened.

However, I followed up with Rader-Day to see how the workshop went. One conversation led to another, with the result that she will hang out with members, share her story, and sign copies of her books this Thursday at the regular meeting of WriteOn Joliet. For more information about WriteOn Joliet, visit www.writeonjoliet.com.

Rader-Day's third book will be released in April. See below for the full story I wrote. Follow her on Twitter at @LoriRaderDay and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/loriraderday. Visit her website at loriraderday.com.

Award-winning author to speak about revisions at the Plainfield Public Library

Mary Higgins Clark award-winning author Lori Rader-Day to lead a revision workshop

Lori Rader-Day wrote her first novel in 2007 while completing her master of fine arts program.

When the program ended, Rader-Day, of Indiana, slid the manuscript into a drawer and began another novel.

Two published mysteries and seven years later, Rader-Day, during a creative dry spell, dusted it off and revised it. Harper Collins will release “The Day I Died” in April.

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