Friday, January 13, 2017

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, Jan 8 through Jan. 13

I'm certain the burning question this morning is: How did art night go?

And the wishy washy answer is: I'll share on Tuesday.

For two reasons.

Today I'm off (mostly off as in not working - not my creative status - except for a couple of tasks, thanks to a company that gives its employees a vacation day in the anniversary month of the hire), so I want to immerse myself in Before the Blood for the next two day.

And I want time to elaborate without pulling myself away from the novel. And Monday's blog is dedication to George the Cat.



So onto the recap!

First, the non-bylined work: the health, faith, and arts and entertainment calendars. Three of them can be found at the link below. Gotta Do It, runs each Sunday and often stays on the home page throughout the week.

Feature briefs for Tuesday (health), Thursday (faith), Friday (Arts and Entertainment), and Sunday (People) are also edited (texted and photos) by the lady of this blog, but only the stories have bylines.

Another option: I do post the briefs and calendars on Twitter during the week, so you're welcome to follow me at @Denise_Unland61. And of course, I post curated content relating to the BryonySeries at @BryonySeries.

Just an FYI: On free days, holidays, and Sundays I'm not on call, I only post the blog to my "real" Twitter account, as my company insists we do take time off. I'm less reasonable, so unless I'm on a real vacation, I still post to the BryonySeries accounts. I won't be posting to my personal Twitter account this weekend, only to BryonySeries.

FYI: videos have not been attaching to my Herald-News stories, although they do run for a time on the home page. If you'd like to watch a video, and it's not showing up for you, message me, and I'll manually attach it. No worries for this week, though, although I will have videos for Sunday.

Thank you for reading The Herald-News.

Joliet woman recounts her childhood experiences in Germany during World War II  (VIDEO EXTRA)

Marianne Filisko shares her World War II childhood experiences

School attendance was sparse due to threats of bombings, another reason for fleeing into the woods, Filisko said. She never witnessed any destruction but that almost didn’t matter at the time.

“You knew the sound and you made sure you ran into the woods,” Filisko said. “You never knew if your house was next.”

Joliet woman had a caring heart, put others before herself  (VIDEO EXTRA)
Nicole Alaimo wanted to beat cancer for the sake of her daughter

“She was always the bridesmaid and never the bride,” said Greg Baez, Nicole’s father. “And she would do everything and anything for the bride.”

Mystery Diner: Jerrie’s Dogs & Fries sticks to the basics

Now, if you’re looking for an elaborate menu, you won’t find it inside this small venue, which sticks to the basics. Jerrie’s Dogs & Fries had just four entrées: hot dogs, tamales, Polish sausage and fried bologna sandwiches.

New Lenox chapel blesses Hickory Creek in honor of Jesus' baptism  (VIDEO EXTRA)
Eastern Orthodox chapel celebrates Epiphany with outdoor water blessing

“In Russia, they cut holes in the ice and people actually dive in,” Rev. Andrew Harrison said. “I don’t do that. Someone just retrieves it. I have a string tied to it anyway so I don’t lose it.”

Hairball will 'rock' Joliet theater with '80s tribute on Jan. 20

Hairball’s ‘80s tribute band recreates the era’s musical performances

The next time I was onstage, I pulled off Freddie Mercury," Steve Reckinger said. "I pulled it off with confidence and comfortability and – as far as I could tell – with a complete lack of inhibition, which was exactly what I needed.”

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