Monday, January 30, 2017


So the long couple of weeks at work culminated in a very short weekend and less fiction progress than I had hoped.

I didn't leave work on Friday until ten o'clock; consequently, I didn't get to sleep until after the witching hour and then started Saturday by oversleep (seven-thirty). By the time I finished social media, walked a bit, and met someone for an interview, it was nearly noon.

I did finish the three character questionnaires for the last section of Henry's chapter seven in Before the Blood, but that's all. Oh, and I did succumb to a thirty minute nap.

After Rebekah came home from work, and we walked, I headed into work for a couple more hours.

Sunday after Divine Liturgy was more work, which is how I generally spend Sunday afternoons. I did get walking in and yoga in.

Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone still requires formatting adjustment, and I, possibly, could have done it last night, but I felt I needed a mental break. Instead, I watched an episode and a half of the Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun with Rebekah.

This weekend, I'm covering an event that begins Friday and finishes up Saturday (which I will have to write on Saturday, as it will run on Monday), so I'm planning on taking the middle part of Friday off, just to build some free (i.e. fiction writing) time off. Because the following week, I'm back on as weekend editor.

That said, I'm hoping to spend my thirty minute morning writing time structuring this last chapter section, which, in a regular novel, might be its own chapter (or two. or three). This way, I'm prepared for more sweeping and global writing.

And maybe, just maybe, I can correct Cornell's formatting errors come Saturday. Maybe.

At any rate, that's the sentiment this last Monday morning in January.

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