Monday, January 2, 2017

Just For Fun: BryonySeries Characters Make New Year's Resolutions

I don't make New Year's resolutions and neither do the BryonySeries characters in any of the novels.

However if they DID make resolutions, here's what some of them might say:

Melissa Marchellis: Make John Simons forget Bryony forever and love only me.

Brian Marchellis: Study harder and learn to make a smooth béchamel sauce

Frank Marchellis: Take sensible care of my health

Darlene Marchellis: Become more organized

Snowbell: Go back in time and stay at the slumber party

Steve Barnes: Find ways to be a better man

John Simons: Attain the international status of premiere piano player

Dr. Rothgard: Find a permanent cure for vampirism, no matter the cost to human life

Henry Matthews: Acquire enough wealth to pursue hedonism forever

Kellen Wechsler: Find and destroy the redheaded "angel"

Julie Drake: Get into Harvard University's psychology program

Jack Cooper: Catch a bigger walleye than my father

Ann Dalton: Catch Jack Cooper

Katie Miller: Go steady. Any boy will do

John-Peter Simotes: Rescue the princess

Karla Dyer: Master crystallomancy

Ed Calkins: Make Ed Calkins Day a national holiday

Clancy the Clurichaun: Expand my farm

Eicheard: Breed, wantonly

Marvin Simotes: Expand my tomato garden

Carol Simotes: Start a career in home decorating

Lisa Harding: Stay away from men wearing all black

Grandma Marchellis: Throw away the music box

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