Monday, January 23, 2017

A Really Quick Post

Last week was an intense work week that led into a intense working weekend that's leading into a less intense but still intense and packed work week.

You got that?

Now it was a good weekend for it to be so work-heavy because I'm creating characters for this current chapter, which means mostly filling out character questionnaires, a task I'd rather reserve for my thirty-minute morning writings than on a Saturday when I'm free to write more globally.

That said, I've haven't so much as peeked at them since last Thursday morning. And I'd rather not lose this small burst of time in the quiet dark room with a hot mug of dark coffee beside me to keep me inspired to blogging.

To the writers out there, I know you understand.

To my handful of readers out there, this time spent on fiction is for you, ultimately.

Happy Monday, vampire fans! :)

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