Monday, December 12, 2016

A Less Than Cheery Post

It was a strange weekend, busy with job duties, along with sorrow, frustrations, and blessings.

It began by receiving a message around midnight on Saturday morning that a wonderful family friend and neighbor for many years, who had been in remission for lung cancer and anticipated returning work soon, had taken an unexpected turn.

Within days, the cancer reappeared and spread everywhere; she entered hospice that evening. When dawn broke, I called my kids. After addressing some computer issues and getting the immediate work completed, I headed over to hospice. She died shortly afterward.

The day remained full since I also had a story to cover. Sunday we skipped church anticipating lots of snow coverage. I worked the news end and also the my features end in anticipation of a funeral this week. It's also a four-day work week for me anyway with extra meetings, so it will be a challenging week for me on many levels.

Anyway, by the time the snow actually did arrived, my phone started acting up like an erratic child. I can do some basic operations with it if I use the stylus so we're thinking it's a screen issue.

And the blessings?

A volunteer choir of 75 people braving the cold wild and snow Saturday night to sing Christmas carols in Walmart's parking lot (I was there filming clips).

The warmth and support of family and friends.

Reading Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone for errors and realizing my first book for middle-schoolers reads well.

Rereading last week's work on Before the Blood and realizing the same.

Catching a couple episodes of "W" last night with Rebekah before bedtime.

God is good all the time. A joyous Monday to you, vampire fans! :)

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