Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Weekend Writing Summary

The muse is back, and it's hot!

With Rebekah leaving early for work on Saturdays now, I got going almost as early as I would on a weekday (four-ish),finished the morning routine fairly early (including walk and coffee), and settled in at the PC to write.

Eight hours later with ideas still flowing, I reluctantly stepped away from the computer to rejoin life. I did come back later to add some finishing details to Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone, which should be in formatting stages by next week.

On Sunday afternoon while I worked on calendars for The Herald-News, Rebekah wrapped up Bertrand and the Lucky Clover and then uploaded it to Createspace. It really turned out well. We made some minor adjustments and re-uploaded it. Proof copy is on the way. If Createspace doesn't flag any issues, it should be available by the weekend.

Betrand book #2 is already in progress. :)

Writing tip: Keep stoking the muse. It will always flare back up.

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