Monday, November 28, 2016

A Respite and Giving Thanks: A Summary in Sound Bites

The week I spend in Raleigh notwithstanding, these last few days have been the most time off I've taken off in many, many years, very rejuvenating and productive.

So after a very long Wednesday work day that extended into my regularly scheduled bedtime before I was finished, here's how I spent the past few days:

Thanksgiving Day: Divine Liturgy, fiction writing, power walk, traditional dinner (poor boys, kettle chips,pumpkin pie), Monopoly marathon with my family

Black Friday: Power walk, lunch with a friend, fiction writing, practicing my open mic piece for Thursday, working on a marketing plan, finished the Monopoly marathon with my family

Small Business Saturday: Power walk, picked out new glasses, fiction writing, work (just a couple hours in the evening, didn't quite get it all done on Wednesday)

Sunday: Divine Liturgy, work, dinner with friends, power walk, work that was interrupted by someone needing to talk

And back to work today. I'm ready to tackle the week and eager to return to the job I love so much.

Still, I long for one more day...

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