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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cat Mews (News)

The cats received their first piece of official mail yesterday. The vet's yearly reminder notices for annual exams. bloodwork, and rabies injections don't count. It happened like this.

Last week, I interviewed a woman whose rescue dog is now a certified therapy dog. Afterwards, we chatted about struggling rescue groups in general, how the economy is forcing people to abandon their pets, and my family's own financial struggles, which includes how we care for the cats we previously rescued.

She was quite impressed that the children budget food, litter, collars, tags, toys etc. from their own pockets, while my husband and I pay for medical care. So, this very generous woman sent a $25 grocery store gift card, with the stipulation it be spent on the cats. The felines of the house were pretty nonchalant about their windfall, but the kids rejoiced.

In Bryony, Brian Marchellis keeps a stray cat over his mother's objections because someone nice fronts all the necessities, including the shots and the vet's bill, but especially the blue collar with the silver jingle bell Brian coveted.

Of course, we'll take our cats over Brian's Snowbell any day and not just because we're attached to them, but that's another story (in progress, too, mind you, but that's also another post).

At the same time, we're very grateful to all people, real and imaginary, who not only understand attachment between owners and their pets, but are kind enough to offer tangible relief. Thank you.

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