Monday, September 26, 2016

"When Day's Last Light Has Darkened" by Astor G. Clarke

From his first book of poetry Word Gems, published in 1824

"When Day's Last Light Has Darkened"

When last beheld the sunny skies
With fading mind and hazy eyes
A trembling spirit inside cried
"Let me see another day!"

As a boy I lov'd the morn
Newly born, alive and warm
Yet I cultivated years of thorns
And piss'd away the length of days

But dimming light forewarns of dusk
And approaching night, harsh and brusque
Whilst my soul, this leather husk
Shouts, "Please, another day!"

Oh Maria, my heart's delight
Good angel! Return and stay the night!
Comfort me in this ghastly plight
And give new hope of brighter days.

Now in the dark, a shadow nears
Hovering 'round my outer spheres
And chills me with its final sneers,
"You've seen the last of all your days!"

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