Sunday, September 4, 2016

Preparing Snipe

            "Tell me," the squire said as he fastened his luscious blue eyes on Kellen, eyes that showed only concern, not a burning fever to be owned, "of what topic did my niece converse."

            Kellen held the gaze, but said nothing. Think, damn it!

            Ponder, ponder, ponder.

            The squire's eyes narrowed in growing annoyance at the delay. "I said, 'Of what topic,,,'"

            "Oh, Squire, forgive my hesitation in responding. I only wish to avoid offending you."

            "Offend me? You're more like to offend me by your silence than your speech." The squire glanced around at his guards, armed and ready to act. "Now for the last time, 'Of what topic...'"

            "Dinner. She spoke of dinner."


            "She was unhappy with the snipe."

            "Anything else?"

            "None, Squire. I was merely reluctant to cast aspersions on the food after I had so heartily supped."

            To underscore his point, Kellen patted his stomach, bursting, not with snipe, but with the squire's chewed up niece.

Before the Blood, Kellen's Story, Chapter 7: Starting Fresh

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