Monday, September 12, 2016

Free Story

In 2010 when the small press that was to publish Bryony pushed back publication by a year (after we had done nine months of premarketing), my publicist suggested I keep the momentum going by writing a short story based on the novel for public readings.

I had no ideas, but she had one: a story about Brian's stray cat, Snowbell.

So I wrote the story, printed copies for my family as a Christmas present and read it at a few events. This year, after vanishing from the event scene for a few years following my family's economic crisis, I'm happy to report I will be appearing at two in October. Details should be available this week on the BryonySeries website.

At these events, I will have copies of Snowbell to distribute to the first fifteen people interested in receiving one. The copies are completely free. We (or should I say Rebekah) is working on making a free electronic copy available on the website.

I feel it's a nice way to offer new readers a sample of the series as well as to say "thank you" to loyal readers over the years.

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