Monday, September 19, 2016

A Plug and a Preview

Two quick items of note.

One, the illustrator for Staked! and Snowbell is making is acting debut in a local production of Love, Sex and the IRS this weekend. The play runs Friday night and weekends for two weeks. If you live in the Joliet area and want to check it out, here are the details:

Two: On Saturday while working on Before the Blood, my WriteOn Joliet co-leader Tom Hernandez called while he was out walking. Both of us are serious walkers and both of us do plenty of mental writing while walking. Tom wanted a second opinion on the addition or subtraction of one particular word in an essay he had written for the last week's group on the topic of "marriage."

Side notee: Both Tom and I are professional writers by trade. When working on deadline, writers have the luxury of obsessing over the use of words. And we do.

As we talked, we discussed the "poetry" in well-written prose, the cadence, the "music"and peppered the conversation with examples. His feedback was so expressive and on point that after we hung up, I texted him and asked if he would write a guest post for the BryonySeries blog on this topic.

He agreed. That post will run tomorrow.

Happy monday, vampire fans! :)

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