Friday, August 5, 2016

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, July 31 through Aug. 5

Workwise, I had a productive week. Novelwise, I had a productive weekend, which flowed into my 30-minute dedicated space in the work week. I look foward to building on it.

I'm still in chapter six of Henry's story, but now that the chapter has real shape, I was able to make a set of homework notes for the rest of it. I doubt I'll finish it before the month is up, but I think I will be close.

And now, back to the "real" writing.

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Feature briefs for Tuesday (health), Thursday (faith), Friday (Arts and Entertainment), and Sunday (People) are also edited (texted and photos) by the lady of this blog, but only the stories have bylines.

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And if you do peek at these stories, to quote our editor Kate Schott, "Thank you for reading The Herald-News." :)

New Lenox paleontologist creating 3-D maps of historic Jurassic site
New Lenox man part of research team at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Utah

Steve Clawson is mapping the site of every bone the team finds – how far below the surface it is and its plunge direction both horizontally and vertically, he said.

An Extraordinary Life: New Lenox man was content and grateful, always
Bill Johnson was upbeat and devoted to family and nature

His wife Pam hopes whoever received Bill’s sky-blue eyes – the only organs able to be donated, she said – will see life through his perspective: no fear of the future and a strong belief in the inherent goodness of people, the sanctity of nature and the power of humor.

Pets of the Week: Aug. 1

Click on the caption of each photo to find out about that pet, including where he or she can be adopted.

EMS/trauma nurse coordinator at Joliet medical center is committed to child safety
Presence Saint Joseph nurse honored for her dedication to pediatric care

“Our children are so important to us,” said Leslie Livett of Mokena, “and sometimes they don’t get the attention they need.”

Icon at Homer Glen church still producing fragrant oil 1 year later
People reporting blessings, healing at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

“I’m very thankful where I am today,” Ronald Koziol said. “I am convinced that St. John definitely helped me, if not 100 percent cured me. There is no doubt in my mind.”

Joliet actor's work to be featured in film festival at Gene Siskel Film Center
22nd annual Black Harvest Film Festival includes film starring Joliet man

The film is just 15 minutes long, has a cast of two people and was shot in one location, Lawrence Johnson Jr. said. But it’s effective and hilarious.

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