Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Raleigh Bound!

On Friday afternoon, Rebekah and I fly out to North Caroline to spend a week with Sarah and her family.

To prepare, I am attempting to get nearly and extra week's worth of work done (which will run the week I am gone), and Rebekah has graciously picked up my portion of the household duties to fee up some of my time. She also is the travel coordinator and suitcase packer. I literally will only have to get in the car when it's time to leave.

What will we do out there? Who knows? Last year, I had two goals: to read through my BryonySeries as a series and to do whatever Sarah and Lucas (my grandson) wanted to do. We didn't make it through Sarah's list last year, so she started another before we left. I assume we'll just pick up where we left off.

One change from last year: Bertrand the Mouse will accompany us wherever we go. We plan to take lots of pictures of him so we can finally get some books released.

So really, this year's goals look like last year's goals. Posting may be spotty next week, but we'll see.

Have a great day. :)

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