Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Impressions: A Writer's Travel Recap

I could bore you with a replay of my week's vacation, what we saw and what we did. That might be usefull for me, especially years from now when I struggle to catch those elusive bits of memory.

But that's why I had multiple Facebook check-ins, to be reminded of them through Facebook memories next year, when I could momentarily pause in my morning power walk, and say, "Ah, yes," smile, and keep walking, literally and figuratively.

But the real treasure of this vacation, and really any vacation or experience for me, I suppose, a revelation more realized after this trip, are the impressions. These are the parts that made the entire experience rich, the images that will linger in my psyche and provide fodder for my writerly projects.

While I didn't snap one selfie, I did take photos and videos of moments that resonated with me. It's these that I'll share in the days and weeks to come.

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