Friday, July 29, 2016

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, July 24 through July 29

As much as I enjoy time off, it felt good to work a normal-sized week. A few ups and downs, a few challenges, a few victories: a complete week, I think.

And, yes, I did make some progress on Henry's story in Before the Blood. I'm still working on chapter six, but it's a long worldbuilding chapter, so it's taking time to construct.

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And if you do peek at these stories, to quote our editor Kate Schott, "Thank you for reading The Herald-News." :)

Lemont athlete finding success in wheelchair sports
Jeff Yackley sees international success in wheelchair softball

In Japan, Team USA won the world cup, Yackley said. In addition, Yackley was named one of the top 10 wheelchair players in the world. Last year – Yackley’s first year playing wheelchair softball – he was named Rookie of the Year during the world series of wheelchair softball in Mississippi.

Plainfield man built a legacy of business with integrity

Nick Kourlesis believed in himself, his people

“He wanted to make a better life for himself,” longtime employee Debra Pandy said. “He was very adventurous and very brave. He would have an idea to do something and then figure out all the details. Even to the end, he was talking about wanting to do this and wanting to do that.”

Plainfield woman shares hidden health care costs associated with chronic pancreatitis
Plainfield woman’s chronic illness draining her resources

“My parents used to stay if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” Ann Zigrossi said. “I believe them now.”

Joliet church setting aside Aug. 4 for the sacrament of reconciliation
Rev. Peter Jankowski will hear confessions for 16 hours on saint’s feast day

“My attitude about confession is I consider it to be therapeutic; that you can walk into a room, say, ‘I’ve done wrong; I’m sorry for what I have done,’ and – through the priest and the church saying, ‘We love you and we forgive you,’ – you walk out of there and start with a clean slate,” Jankowski said.

Students at Minooka Bible Church's day camp raise money to build a house for a widow in Haiti
Widow in Haiti to have new home, thanks to campers’ fundraising efforts

Last year, campers raised money for children in Haiti. This year, campers were challenged to donate $3 each with a goal of raising $4,000, McFadden said. Almost $7,000 was raised. The project was run in conjunction with Don Shire Ministries.

“The kids would bring change in with them in the morning and drop it into buckets,” Julie McFadden said.

Shorewood man expresses the profound through his acrylic paintings (VIDEO EXTRA)
Design engineer for Chicago’s Picasso sculpture yearns to exhibit paintings

Their artist, Anatol “Tony” Rychalski, 91, of Shorewood, describes himself as an amateur painter, but he is certainly no amateur artist.

According to the WTTW website, Rychalski was the engineer who oversaw the design and construction of the 50-foot-tall, 162-ton Picasso sculpture outside the Daley Center in Chicago. Rychalski said it also was his job to explain the sculpture and its relation to the city.

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