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Steward Setback Saturday: Ed Calkins on VampFest

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ed Calkins on VampFest

Ed Calkins, the Steward of Tara, made an appearance--in a kilt--last night at VampFest, and it was fortunate for all that he was there.

Several times during the evening, whenever "Bryony" was mentioned, Ed was at hand to quickly interject how the story is really about him, although that fact may not be completely obvious at first glance.

"I'm not sure even the author is aware of it," Ed said.

Ed graciously posed for several photographs before the pictorial backdrop of a window inside Simons Mansion overlooking the vast estate. Although he originally planned to distribute limericks and samples of his "Bryony" game, Ed apolgized for having neither.

"I keep modifying the game," Ed said. "I'm having a hard time finishing it."

He thoroughly enjoyed the food, mingling with the guests, and swaying to the music, although none of the entertainment was Irish-themed. The Steward did, however, express great displeasure at yet another delay in "Bryony's" road to publication, since he had hoped to sign many copies that night.

"I'm telling you, the IVA is very displeased," Ed said.

I assured Ed we were doing everything humanly and subhumanly possible to get "Bryony" into readers' hands as quickly as possible. I certainly would never wish to raise the ire of the Irish Vampire Association.

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