Monday, July 11, 2016

Migraine Weekend

A bout of insomnia and little sleep Thursday night plus a late work night on Friday night plus sleeping heavy the first couple of hours when I finally did get to bed equals PAIN for Denise.

Caffeine (i.e. extra coffee) on Saturday helped (after I was done with my physical and getting pretty lightheaded from the fasting), but the work I intended to do later that night was shelved, considering even writing fiction was pretty miserable. (Yes, forged on. I wait all week for dedicated time on the novel).

I did work for about four hours on Sunday (pretty normal) and scrolled through my latest additions to Henry's current chapter in Before the Blood. The many descriptions and building of new worlds and characters is slowing my pace, and the headache slowed it further, but it IS shaping up nicely and, with some primping and pruning, is taking on Henry's "voice."

Remnants of the headache are still hanging around, making a nap this Monday morning mighty tempting. But, alas, the days of power naps in the attic office are gone.

Hopefully, this headache is gone soon, too.

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