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BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: VampFest is Approachin'...It's a Busy Week in Munsonville!

Monday, October 10, 2011

VampFest is Approachin'...It's a Busy Week in Munsonville!

LOTS of interviews scheduled early this weeek, so I can loosen my deadline schedule a bit as the week progresses. Still, I have one I didn't finish over the weekend and two other stories to edit.

A galley of the the official "Bryony" cookbook, "Memories in the Kitchen: Bites and Nibbles from 'Bryony,'" was sitting inside my inbox this morning with a lovely note from Serena Diosa, author of the "Tinkey's Goldfish" series.

Serena did all the formatting for both "Bryony" and the cookbook. Since she did such a lovely job with the novel, I can't wait to peek at the cookbook.

We're still hoping to have "Bryony" for VampFest. Proof copies arrived Thursday, but there's an issue with the ISBN number, so it's back on the phone with Bowker this morning. Please pray for a speedy resolution.

I have two radio interviews this week, and two newspaper stories will be published this week, thanks to freelance writer Jeanne Millsap. Jeannne and I had lunch last week, bemoaning the fact that our busy schedules don't seem to allow more than one lunch together a year.

I'm blessed that a such a good friend handled my first interview (I hope I didn't botch it too much) and that she was sooo excited to hear about "Bryony" and the story behind the book.

Tonight, we're having a pre-VampFest costume party at my mother's house. Since she no longer has a house full of kids (and cats), she had graciously consented to the the keeper of the clothes until all our volunteers are properly garbed.

Sarah, Bryony's web administrator, who just flew in to help with the silent auction and final details, couldn't wait until tonight to select her costume and emailed me a photo of her dressed in her vamp outfit of choice. If she has a moment, I'll have her post a picture.

Heather Frelichowski, owner of Crafty Moms, Inc. and official "Bryony" seamstress, will be there, too, making temporary adjustments to costumes (they belong to a local college theatre) and (hoping with fingers crossed) fitting my daughter Rebekah (our Melissa for the night) and me with our ball dresses.

Rebekah wanted to wear the first dress Melissa found herself when she went back in time: yellow, trimmed in lace and pearls. Mine is deep purple with flecks of glitter. We can't wait!!!

Oh yes, and there's still a few last minute silent auctions to pick up.

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