Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Bit of Blogger's Block

Do you kow the feeling? When you have a bunch of ideas rolling around in your head, but they won't come together?

Yep, that's me (grammatically incorrect, but the correct one sounds wrong) this morning. So how does one fix it?

For today, it's some quick sharing of details:

1) Progress on Hentry's story in Before the Blood is still slow, but somewhat steady. It's not the lack of ideas per se, but the particular detail and voices I wish to convey. Those take time to develop, as does the particulars of the time period and culture. No doubt about it. Research significantly slows the process. 

2) I find that rereading other parts of the novel, even those parts that belong to John, Kellen and Bryony, keep me connected with the story while giving some rest to the part of my brain that's focused on Henry.

3) Still, I do have to actually WRITE. And that is done in pieces and bits.

4) While I'm making uneven progress on the work-in-progress, Rebekah is helping with some other aspects of the BryonySeries, again in an uneven progression, as she is busy, too. More on this as we get things done.

Have a great and wonderful day! :)

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