Monday, June 27, 2016

Well Begun, But Half Done: Meet the BryonySeries Chore List

The problem with the unraveling of one's life is that the most immediate needs must be addressed and the rest gets shoved to the side.

As we gradually recover, a number of neglected BryonySeries projects are clamoring for completion, fruitition, and marketing.

I shall be addressing them over the next few weeks/months/year and updating their progress on the blog. 

No, I won't hint at any of them until they are done. Talking about them might jinx it or leech energy away from them (And heaven knows I don't need any more excuses, LOL). So for now, I'm the only one meeting this list (well, and Rebekah, too...)

But rest assured the list is made, a few items are addressed, and some planning done.

Time for this vampire author to get with the program!

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