Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Other Writer

Writing is a solitary activity, no doubt about it.

That's what awes me about leading and participating in WriteOn Joliet: solitary people performing solitary actions come together to share those endeavors, many of them sharing for the first time in decades of writing.

I find it amazing that an alphabet, with its 26 letters and its finate ability to be contructed into only so many words, can be manipulated into new ideas and new story arcs that inspire, conjure, relate, etc.

The magic writers weave is, I think, similiar to John's impression of music, the first time he, as a boy, played for a roomful of his father's colleagues.

A touch of the keys here, a hard pressing of the keys there - the oh-so wonderful up and down manipulation of the magnificent whites and blacks - also manipulated these men and women far more than any of his father's sumptuous feasts ever could. With a few finger movements, the people smiled; they cried; they loudly sighed their pleasure; and John now knew, with absolute certainty, that he had harnessed something more commanding than money.

I love hearing my writely comrades do the same. :)

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