Monday, June 13, 2016

Melissa's Vampire Research

The information below is from the fictiona Creatures of the Night: Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires, which Melissa checked out from the Munsonville Public Library to learn more about her nocturnal visitor.

FYI: These "facts" are carried through the entire BryonySeries.

A vampire is a former human that relentlessly seeks fresh human blood. Sources include the victim’s neck, cheek, thigh, fingers, toes, or below the heart.

By day, vampires repose in their burial places; at night, they rise to feed, either to kill or control. Once under the vampire’s power, the victim joyfully welcomes the attack. The vampire may now come and go, as he pleases.

Vampires by murder or suicide retain human traits, most notably a certain passion for life…sharp teeth appear only when feeding…bright red blood may trickle around the mouth…vampires may consume solid food, but must expel it later… experienced vampires tolerate small amounts of sunlight, although it decreases their abilities…vampires travel silently…vampires are expert shape-shifters. Common manifestations include wolves, bats, rats, other humans, and mist.

Sometimes, vampires penetrate dreams.

As predators, vampires possess keen senses, formidable strength, and fantastic speed, enabling them to teleport to other eras and locations.

Vampires are wise…they exude sexual charm, control animals, and read minds… for a reliable slaying, drive an oak stake through a vampire’s heart and sever its head with a silver dagger.

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