Thursday, June 23, 2016

BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: "Monsters, Witch Cats, Ghosts,............Vampires?" By Sarah Stegall

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monsters, Witch Cats, Ghosts,............Vampires?

My 3 year old considers himself to be very knowledgeable on all things spooky. He thinks it would be so very cool to have a monster living under his bed, a nooth grush on his tooth brush, Lord Licorice as a buddy, and he stares at spiders after he's killed them to see if they really have eight legs. He has a vivid imagination and keeps me very busy.

With living in a neighborhood now instead of off a dark country road, he's taken in the flood of Halloween decorations that have been popping up at every house. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday and I think it's wearing off on my son. He happily announces the latest neighbor to hang spiders and purple lights over snacks.

Yesterday I took him to Walmart to oodle all the decorations and costumes. I had promised him he could pick out one decoration (we have a strict budget and I have lots of Halloween related items) to join the festivities. After playing with an enormous rat, a styroform skull, and somedangly spiders and skeletons, I was sure he was going to select the window stickers. He loves stickers and they had witch cats (an absolute favorite). Instead, he picked out an outdoor ghost. It moves up and down by motion sensors and wails like a sick banshee. I hate it. He LOVES it!

The shelf below had basically the same thing in Count Dracula theme. "What's him?," he asks. "The count, he's a vampire," I replied. "Ohhhhhh, like in Damma's (grandma's) book!" So we talk vampire. He tells me it's a monster that tries to drink blood. Not any blood, neck blood! Swell, another monster he knows about.

Today the ghost hangs from the window. Today also marks the most times I've heard, "I want to drink your blood," followed by neck grabbing and sloppy fake bites. Let the scary fun commence!

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