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BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: "The Almost Vampire Expert" by Sarah Stegall

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Almost Vampire Expert

In my role of playing host, I've noticed that Denise has a rhythm to her blog. She incorporates the things in her life important to her and the events directly related to Bryony. Usually that entitles a weekly guest blogger. Keeping in mind I have no experience, I went out and found a guest blogger. Amber Gayhardt is a 20 year old student, fan of creative writing, and lover of vampire lore. She knows all things vampire and I consider her the expert. Amber is a reader of the Bryony Facebook page, following the edits, and waiting patiently for her copy.

So Amber, how excited are you for "Bryony," being another novel indulging vampires?

"Truthfully, actually really, really, excited! I just love anything with vampire mythology!"

Do you think the vampire craze inhabiting this younger generation is a fad?

"I'd definitely say so. I felt Vampires were rather unpopular until the Twilight books showed up. When the movies are all released, I feel the craze will end. The original individuals who read and loved the books will keep going back forever to read them. So in theory, I think the vampire hype will die off."

Do you feel that Bryony, with its Victorian history and time travel aspects will give it a competitive edge over other vampire stories?

"Oh, absolutely! The Victorian Age is very famous and very celebrated, especially in other countries. I believe vampire mythology sprung out of that era too. Denise, having included the two time periods, has just worked it in for all the Science Fiction fans out there. A little something for everyone, 'It'll be a damn good read!'"

What are your opinions towards re-introducing some classical piano to today's youth throughBryony?

"I myself, appreciate classical music and find it very mellowing. Between the technology advancements and society, I feel like we're much more violent. I think it's quite brilliant incorporating classical piano in a book relevant to teens. Maybe if they learned to enjoy some other sounds, they could mellow themselves out too."

Finally, Amber, how do you feel about Bryony being filled with original art and not just a book with any picture as a cover?

"The art is an excellent idea! I see to many things photo shopped or thefts from an original. There is a generous lack of new and interesting ideas."

Thank You, Amber, for obliging me and my stumbling interview. I thoroughly enjoyed writing up your contribution for the blog.

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