Monday, May 16, 2016

Ten Simple Daily Pleasures

People always say to count your blessings. Here's ten of mine I enjoy everyday.

1) A cup of coffee in the quiet early morning.

2) Walking for fun and exercise while listening to music and allowing my mind to roam.

3) Walking to work, either bundling up again the snow (cozy) and chill or basking in the warm sunshine (freedom). Both have merits.

4) Midnight cuddling like a baby.

5) Poor man's massages from Faith at bedtime.

6) A late morning cup of coffee while pouring over my work.

7) The inherent rhythm of a day I've arranged.

8) A cup of frozen fruit at bedtime.

9) Listening to a person discuss something (a topic, a person, an event, a cause) that excites them (and basking in the sudden realization that I get paid to do this).

10) Taking scrambled notes (be it features or fiction) and arranging and composing them in ways that elictes interest and emotion in readers.

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