Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Did I Write This Weekend?

You bet!

"Real" work and Before the Blood work.

Saturday: Finished chapter four in Henry's story and worked on chapter five, and did a Skype interview with a former Joliet woman on book tour (currently in France). She, Mary Burns has a book signing early next week at Joliet Junior College to promote her seventh book.

Sunday: Spent the afternoon into the early evening writing good working drafts of four feature stories for The Herald-News I'm running this week. Re-read Saturday's work in Before the Blood.

Monday: Finished chapter five in Henry's story (it's a shorter chapter, about 2000 words) and outlined chapter 6. Racked it up around 1 p.m. in favor a family movie (Deadpool. Yes, family movies have evolved through the years).

I also walked quite a bit, watched two episodes of Smallville with Daniel (including a 90-minute special from the ninth season). And that's on top of working extremely late on Friday night.

Am I ready for a brisk, compressed work week? Um, I think so?

I hope so!

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