Sunday, May 15, 2016


A former boss called me the day after she read this story in The Herald-News:

Long story short, we made plans to attend Divine Liturgy today, reverence the icon, and be anointed with the fragrant oil emitting from it.

Afterwards, we each received a portion of it to take home. She wanted two, one for her husband. I gave her mine. She couldn't understand how I could part with it so easily; didn't I want any? It was hard to explain that I carry it inside me always.

We visited with a friend afterwards and had a long lunch together; we probably spent six hours together. She wants to go back; she wants me to go with her. This curve in our relationship I could never have predicted in a fast forward manner. At one time, this woman literally held the decision of whether I would work another day at my job; today, we talked of God, and she marveled at how I knew the things I know.

Life is an adventure. God is good all the time.

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