Monday, April 25, 2016

Of Garbage Blown

I spent a good portion of Saturday and half of Sunday in the office.

Halfway through the day on Saturday, I left - on foot - for an appointment. I took two press releases with me to call on the way. One was in an envelope. Nearly home to catch my ride, I realized the envelope was gone.


The day was sunny and warm with no breeze. A cinch, I thought. So I walked back, looking here and there. No envelope.

I walked all the way back to The Herald-News. No envelope.

Maybe it did blow away. I checked out every white scrap I passed.

But along the way, I encountered trash of all kind that I didn't notice on the way up  simply because I wasn't looking for it.

Crumpled paper not blowing.

Smashed fast food cups not blowing.

Tissue wads (a LOT of tissue wads) not blowing.

It was frustrating, and I never did find the envelope. I did find the information online, so no worries there.

But I'd like to know how where that envelope landed when lighter garbage than it stayed put on the grass, sidewalk, parking lots, etc.


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