Sunday, March 20, 2016

Was Hoping to Post a Video, But...

It's been a busy weekend, even for a video.

From speaking at a high school on Monday to being out of the office half on day on Wednesday, to going from work to WriteOnJoliet on Thursday and from work to teaching on Friday to spending over twelve hours at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church on Saturday with our spaghetti dinner to church, some personal stuff and work today...

What's so hard about posting a video, you say?

The video is one of Timothy singing after cleanup last night. For some mysterious reason, Blogger won't upload my videos, only photos and only through certain browsers. No, it's not user error; I always get someone more expert than I to try (like a child).

So the video has to be first uploaded to the BryonySeries YouTube account, AND THEN I can share it on the blog. YouTube is Rebekah's domain, so until she gets a chance, I won't get a chance.


I think Rebekah can use a little encouragement. Readers, how 'bout cheering her on?

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