Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Difficulty in Beginning Anew (Stalling)

In 2011, I outlined the chapters of this next section.

Through the years, I've filled in details.

So why am I finding it difficult to begin (and finding ways not to begin)?

There is something exciting...and intimidating...in the not-so-blank piece of paper filled with chaotic information somewhat arranged.

Anyone else have this problem?

Making that come to life is always daunting, and I can certainly find many excuses for not getting down to it this morning: lots of "real" work staring me in the face, a longer blog post, not enough "homework" in this next chapter for short bursts of writing.

I have twenty minutes before I start posting social media for work. So I'm concluding this blog post and opening the chapter, even if I simply stare at it for the next twenty minutes.

Stalling, nah I'm not gonna do that. I'll stall forever if I do.

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