Monday, February 22, 2016


Every writer experiences sluggish times, but I'm a little baffled why I'm experiencing it with Henry's section.

When I finally began writing Bryony in earnest back in 2008, I wrote all the Henry parts first because they were so easy; words just flowed.

I'm wondering if being disconnected from the character for so long is contributing to my muse's inclination to reread other sections of the WIP and come back to Henry later.

But then I remember the characters and plot lived in my head for decades before they finally spilled onto paper (Well, my computer). Furthermore, (spoiler) Henry has already appeared in other parts of Before the Blood, so it's not like we haven't hung out.

So I'm not sure.

I did peck away at the second chapter for most of Saturday, an excuciating pecking. I'm somewhat heartened, but I haven't looked over that writing yet. I felt I needed the distance of a day to be ojective.

With a deep breath and guarded hope, I'm opening that chapter now.

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Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

Just read through Saturday's work, and made some notes for tomorrow's revision. I picked up the tone better than I thought. I'm heartened. :)