Saturday, January 16, 2016

Steward Setback Saturday: On Becoming An Ed Calkins Wife, Part 3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

On Becoming An Ed Calkins Wife, Part 3

There exists a confusion about age limits for wives of Ed Calkins. After all, did I not put the minuim age of thirty-one in my last post?

Understand, though, that age is as relative as time. When I was sixteen, I did not require a prospective bride to be thirty-one. So, too, if a woman who was quite young had met me in the nineteenth century, such as Byrony/Melissa had, I would not be so dismissive as if I had met the same woman/girl in the present.

However, in the book, Byrony/Melissa did not agree to marriage (thus forever changing the ending). I'm sure you're thinking Bryony's current marriage prohibited it. This is simply incorrect.

Wife number one has three husbands other then me: one for gambling, one for gossip, and one for shopping and drinking. Should she decide to aquire other vices, say comic books, I'm sure she'll find a husband for that.

Ruthlessly yours,
Ed Calkins, Steward of Tara

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