Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What Micro Writing Has Taught Me

Yes, I am still spending an hour-ish (sometimes only half an hour-ish) with Before the Blood each morning.

It's not the best time for research or getting immersed in the story. That's still reserved for Saturday.

But it makes good use of my time for trouble spots, editing, focused work on small passages, and even elimination of writer's block.

Because I'm writing on deadline (my own and self-imposed, but deadline nonetheless), I just get it done.

Judiciously applied, I have up to six additional hours each week, and I'm feeling the progress. For anyone frustrated with lack of writing time, this is a good method.

I read years ago that the key to productivity is learning to use small modules of time. I think anyone can spare an extra thirty minutes a day. It's simply a matter of planning for it.

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