Friday, December 25, 2015

The Start of Our Christmas Season

The start? Absolutely! Six weeks of fasting for just one day? No way! 

After liturgy and caroling at church, we finally brought connected Joshua's family (kids AND adults) with their St. Nicholas stockings and set up last year's four-foot tree for their children. Joshua made pizza and salad for dinner (When all of us work long weeks, that's how we want to celebrate!), and we had the cookies the kids decorated yesterday for dessert.

The leftovers from last night's Christmas Eve feast are still in the fridge (mmmm), and we will continue in festive spirits until our Christmas culmination on Dec. 7. 

Meaning any presents under our tree are still unopened, and those of us who will Christmas shop haven't started yet. No Black Friday for us and plenty of post-Christmas sales. We're no dummies!

Christ IS born! Let us glorify Him!

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