Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Weeks Later, Where is the Resolve?

For the most part, still here.

Didn't play with Before the Blood on Friday except a little reading over on Friday night and practicing for WriteOn Joliet's third annual open mic night on Nov. 19, but spent a fair (less than I wanted, more than I had hoped) time on Saturday. But I was consistent every morning before that.

Sunday mornings are harder, but I'm late on the Saturday end of things, and I'm okay with it. After church, most of the time was spent working, but when you're the entire features section of a newspaper during the holidays, that's reality.

One more week, and I'll have raeched the magic "twenty-one days to make a habit" mark.

So this morning, it's either a long blog or the manuscript. Guess which one wins?

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