Friday, October 30, 2015

Three Weeks of Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, Oct.11 through Oct. 30

To say it's been a crazy month is putting it mildly.

The extreme business at the beginning of this month, which slid into a weekend on-call, which slid into my covering a story that a freelancer dropped at the last minute on a Sunday, which slid into an abundance of holiday event information needed to be processed that will likely continue through the end of the year, and the fact I'm shooting more video to accompany those stories (and having fun doing it) - all of these contributed to a sense of not being able to catch-up.

Today, we catch-up.

Sidebar: With a resolve made a week or so ago to spend a little time each morning on Before the Blood, i am happy to report that i have done so each day. Now today might be the grand exception, but as I enter a non-working weekend with an extra daylight savings time hour looming ahead, I'm able to cut myself that slack without resentment.

And now, ahem.

Below are cover stories and the link to the feature briefs and event calendars, which I write/edit. The fourth calendar, Gotta Do It, runs each Sunday and often stays on the home page through the week.

The link to features briefs and calendars:

And as Kate Schott, our newspaper's managing editor would say: Thank you for reading The Herald-News.

Proceeds from Witches Night Out and Witches Ball will help women in need (VIDEO EXTRA)
By Sean Leary

Although the events have passed, read about the cackling good time these ladies provided to the community with a goal of raising lots of funds.

An Extraordinary Life: Joliet woman's spirituality influenced her attitude and actions.

Lucille Smith was ahead of her time in terms of research and social justice. Learn how this woman of deep faith, made a difference in simple, yet profound ways.

Joliet-area oncologist optimistic about new lung cancer treatments
By Jeanne Millsap

Two women, two different experiences of lung cancer. One oncologist discussing the disease and how treatments are changing to affect its course.

Former Illinois state police officer opens Catholic bookstore in Mokena.

It's a longstanding dream job come true - and the two jobs have one trait in common, said the owner.

Joliet Junior College culinary students to offer wine-pairing dinner (VIDEO EXTRA)
By Dawn Aulet

The annual dinner was an outstanding success, due, in part, to the publicity this story provided. See how this little known weekly dinner series the culinary students prepare and serve give them real-world experiences with upscale dining.

An Extraordinary Life: Minooka teacher remembered for strength, humor (VIDEO EXTRA)

She left the world far too soon, but what she gave the world while in it will endure for many lifetimes.

Plainfield man believes his invention will save lives

The challenge is convincing health professionals. Here's the scoop on the invention and a thoughtful perspective from one CEO that purchased a case for his hospital.

Christian tattoo artist is marked for Christ

His work is now his ministry - and he probably removes more tattoos than he provides, for solid reasons.

Joliet Area Community Hospice Guild to host 28th luncheon and fashion show (VIDEO EXTRA)

Style shows are not a quaint relic from the past, not for this guild, but a much-anticipated yearly event that raises thousands of dollars for hospice. Why? How? Read on!

Joliet/Will County Project Pride honors people that make the area a great place to life (VIDEO EXTRA)

See why this recognition organization is still active three decades later, and learn how it plans to stay so.

An Extraordinary Life: Minooka man was giant among men

This big man had a big heart and integrity to match both.

Cancer nurse from Plainfield lobbies for her patients

Learn about a shocking co-pay Medicare patients often pay for a routine procedure, what one nurse did about it, and how you can help, too.

Member of Faith Lutheran Church in Joliet shares experiences in Guatemala and Cuba (VIDEO EXTRA)

This was not the typical mission trip.

Shorewood man honored for his filmmaking (VIDEO EXTRA)

Yes, it's possible for indie filmmakers to get their due. Check out the links to his horror films and the video extras that teach you how to make inexpensive "monster" blood in time for Halloween.

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