Saturday, September 5, 2015

Steward Setback Saturday: Ed Calkins Plans His Christmas List

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ed Calkins Plans His Christmas List

Dearest MOMI (Mistress of My immortality)

I fear I will need at least thirty-five copies of the next book and ten copies of the first for this Christmas. If there is a way that I can buy these copies directly from the author, I would like to do that as it will add to their collectiblity.

Of course, I am counting on my Christmas tips from the newspaper route to fund this investment. Interesting, most of the copies I gave were read promtly, but not completely. Many jumped to the page with my picture, read that first, then put the book down for a few months.

Only now are most people finished, all wondering how the next book might link with the first and still contain Ed Calkins since John Simons might no longer be a vampire. (Of all those who read the first book, they would like to have the second.)

For my part, it would be a spoiler, don't tell me. Let me read the whole book when I buy it.

Yours ruthlessly,

Ed Calkins, Steward of Tara

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