Saturday, September 19, 2015

Steward Setback Saturday: Breaking News: Cluricauns on the Loose in Tara

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Breaking News: Cluricauns on the loose in Tara.

By Sarah Stegall

Ed Calkins has been awfully busy attending to his duties in Tara. Some may feel he is neglecting his fame derived from Bryony, however he is truly a busy ruler. Currently The Steward of Tara is tending to a rowdy bunch of Cluricauns.

Commonly mistaken for Leprechauns, these amusing look-a-likes are causing a stir in Tara. Having no desire to work or do well, this particular bunch of Cluricauns has taken the liberty to enter wine cellars of the rich and drain dry the appeasing liquid. There are also reports coming in that they are harnessing up the neighboring livestock, bog jumping and racing through the fields, their play cloaked by the blankets of night. As you can imagine, the reports have some truth for a sheep was just found in a bog.

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