Monday, July 27, 2015

Don't Look, Don't Look, Don't Look

So why does the muse spring to life at the END of the weekend?

Don't get me wrong. Although it was a busy weekend as the weekend editor, I did make weave Before the Blood amongst the duties. The muse was awake; progress was made.

This morning, as I'm sipping coffee and posting (officially for two newspapers and unofficially for BryonySeries), the urge to open up the chapter and re-read the parts I wrote is irresistable.

Sure, I could exercise self-restraint and not look until later.

But when is later? I have a full day today, a list of errands that resembles War and Peace to run after work, the features budget and phone calls to make tonight, plus things to do at home.

When is later? Tomorrow? In a week?

I think, just one quick peek.

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