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Steward Setback Saturday: Ed Calkins Wants to Know...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ed Calkins Wants to Know: How Does Barry Bonds' Behavior Influence Newspaper Carriers?

Dear MOMI (Mistress of My Immortality)

So how about the controversy about Bonds' induction to the hall of fame? Does he deserve it, considering he took performance enhancing drugs? Does his drug provider deserve it? Perhaps without him, Bonds would have play his career in the minors.

Who cares?

What I really want to talk about is this: Should news carriers take performace enhancing substances?

We've all done it. Most of us wouldn't think of delivering a route without a jumbo size shot of expresso or the like. I've witnessed married couples that do routes together devople horrible Tylenol addictions. Why, one ruthless guy used to pass out sugarfied peppermint to all his drivers as an energy suplement, despite the risk to the carriers of weight gain, sugar dependancy, and rotting teeth.

What's worse are the energy drinks that are popular with younger carriers. With them, running out of Red Bull  has the same effect as running out of gas on a route and has caused the term MPED (miles per energy drink) as a consideration to any destination.
What do you think?
Yours ruthlessly,
Ed Calkins,
Steward of Tara

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