Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do It Now

That is an oft-repeating sermon theme from our associate pastor.

It's also wise words for writers during those times when snippets of brilliance pops into our brains, btu we neglect to write them down, certain we will remember them.

Too many times, we do not, and they are gone forever.

It only takes a moment to pause and jot down those key words, phrases, ideas.

I walk with paper in my pockets. I sleep with paper by my sleeping bag. My home desk testifies to my voluminous and random note-taking.

I don't use every jot of information. Heck, I can't even READ every jot of information, although I can usually decipher enough to recall the rest.

No paper? I email thoughts to me. When I'm too occupied for even that, I'll ask someone nearby to send me an email, with the reminder in the subject line.

The inspiration for this blog post came from an incident Sunday night when I did not take my own advice. Luckily, through strong mental concentration, unpleasant when sleepiness is stronger, I did remember and sent myself a garbled email.

But one really good conversation between Steve and Brian when I was writing Staked! that I did NOT write down is known only to distant lobes and unidentified brain connections.

Write it down now.


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