Friday, February 27, 2015

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, Week of February 22, 2015

And here ya go!

Joliet woman takes her love of giving back to Head Start

What if you could work a paid job that had the spirit of volunteer work? For Judy Easley, Head Start is a dream career come true.

An Extraordinary Life: Plainfield woman and former Joliet teacher loved to serve

It's a love that began in adolescence when she tutored her fellow students.

Joliet-area health experts discuss prevalence of C. Difficile
By Jan Steele

The writer's father died from complications of a colitis previously unknown to her. An interesting story on many levels: well-researched, well-written, and from a writer that used to be the featured editor for The Herald-News for many years, the person who assigned work to me and then edited it. She had never written a health story...and I had the pleasure of editing and praising the work of someone who guided me for so many years.

Plainfield church's game dinner looks at wild side of gospel

An unusual ministry for a population that often gets overlookeed.

Food Network's Alton Brown brings stage show to Joliet

Because I don't watch television, his name was unknown to me, but not to Timothy Baran, who was a tad green I got to interview him.

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