Friday, January 16, 2015

Story Roundup: Features in the Herald News, Week of January 11

I'm on time again this week. I'm seeing a pattern...

Joliet funeral director to use replica of Lincoln's casket for educational program

Chuck Lyons has been a birthday party clown and has run for county coroner. Now he's combining his fascination for the Civil War with his work role to offer a different glimpse into the sixteenth president.

An Extraordinary Life: Frankfort college professor was mentor to many

Charity for Erich Spengler started at home, but it didn't end there. It spanned continents and saved lives.

Interim pastor breathes life in Joliet Lutheran church

She's only twenty-eight and following on the legacy of an established pastor, but Bekki Lohrmann already knows the meaning - and can effect - true ministry.

Manhanttan Township Historical Society to host hobby display

Amongst the stamp and coin collections will be old photography, corn husk dolls, and even a chainmail-making demonstration.

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