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Steward Setback Saturday: An Endorsement from the IVA

Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Endorsement from the IVA

That's Irish Vampire Association to the uninitiated. In a recent email telegram, Ed Calkins, the Steward of Tara and first official Irish vampire, sent the following message:  "I've got the whole IVA rooting for you. (Don't know what financial help that is)."

Well, money isn't everything, and it's nice to know the entire IVA is supporting Bryony's cause. Despite the impressiveness of that claim, however, you must know the IVA has a membership of just one (Calkins), and maybe two, since he claims the organization has dubbed me an honory member.

Still, despite its lack of a structured vampire mythology, Ireland has, nevertheless, made some important contributions to vampire lore. Read the following and judge for yourself:

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