Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guest Post by Sir Frederick Chook: The Nurgatory Tale of Septimus Flong

The Nurgatory Tale of Septimus Flong by Sir Frederick Chook

First penned upon the 12th of November, 2014

Septimus Flong, the Dandy Nong,
Walked his octopus down Fisherman’s Prong,
Though common folk would point and joke
At this strange pet in its jewelled yoke

And at his coat of brilliant satin
And his pumps of antique pattern
And his stockings, striped in puce,
And his trews (in cut, quite loose.)

But Septimus, he did not care,
As he paused to powder his hair
And feed his companion a portion of quince
From a silver pot (a gift from a prince.)

O Dandy Nong! You are such a model
For all who tire of commonplace twaddle,
And desire a higher standard of pillock.
Long may you saunter our streets and hillocks.

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sir Frederick Chook is a foppish, transcendentalistic historian who lives variously by his wits, hand to mouth, la vie bohème, and in Melbourne with his wife, Lady Tanah Merah.

When not reading Milton and eating Stilton, he writes, ponders, models, delves into dusty archives, and gads about town. He has dabbled in student radio and in national politics, and is presently studying the ways of the shirt-sleeved archivist. He is a longhair, aspiring to one day be a greybeard. He has, once or twice, been described as “as mad as a bicycle.”

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Other topics that pop up include fun things in and around Melbourne, art, nature, history, politics and schnauzers. Sir Frederick’s favorite color is all of them. Enjoy his writing? Drop him a telegram at

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