Sunday, December 28, 2014

There's a Time to Quit and Pursue Other Things

Really, it's been quite the productive weekend, over 7000 words and that includes re-readings, self-editing and research. I haven't had words flow that well, fictionwise, since 2009.

I've spent the afternoon trying to outline my next scenes and wound up wasting most of the afternoon, as my brain is feeling rather depleted, at least where Before the Blood is concerned.

Besides, I have other things to accomplish on my weekend list, and, considering it's late in the day and dark outside, it's time to close the files, let the mind lay fallow, and tend to other fields. Other than spending half the day at St. Nicholas in Homewood today (Divine Liturgy, board meeting), I've done little else these past two days.

Tomorrow night I'm supposed to meet with the artist for my first Cornell Dyer middle-grade novel and review cover, chapter heading, and logo art. I can't wait!!!

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